The Anything Being

The other thing I made with Harmor. it also has some drums in it. The introduction part that sounds like an alien panicking was made by uploading a picture of a rabbit.

I think I might actually add on to this track at some point in my life. I feel like it tells a story of an Alien crash landing on earth.

Found a tutorial about the Harmor plugin. When I found out how I could alter the sounds by uploading images to it I thougyt I’d fool around with it a bit.

Both this and “Creepy Alien Bullshit part 2” are me playing with harmor.

Well that’s a lot of activity all of a sudden. I though Tumblr was safe from bots.

Made this after the Guitar Surplus Company thing.

So yeah, Ministry of Rock and Groove Monkee drums. This time focusing on metal, progressive rock, and jazz drumloops.

Let’s see if this uploads…

edit: and it works. Alright so using soundcloud allows me to bypass tumblrs daily limits. I’ll have to remember that

I always have trouble name things.

Anyway more Ministry of Rock style stuff. I was also fooling around with premade drum loops from Groove Monkee.

Been a long time since I uploaded anything to tumblr. I forget how many tracks I can up daily. I think this might be the only one till tomorrow.

I’m still goofing off in FL Studio and fooling around with all my plug-ins. Maybe one day I’ll actually finish a song or something.

Nesynth with some drums…

This one just fell right into place. I’m very happy with how it turned out, hopefully I can add even more to it.

It’s so eerie with a pitch of depression to go with it. At least I hope that’s what comes through.

I was snooping around the web last week looking for more information on electronic music. Found some random forum talking about Glitch music and someone share a plug-in called dBlue Glitch

This program, while a little buggy, is amazing. In fact I’m a little bothered by how easy it makes it, I feel like I should be doing more work and trying to make glitch music in a more complicated way. Perhaps learning it the hard way would also give me more control over the sound?

Well anyway, this track is just another sample (I wonder when I’ll ever actually finish a song?). Both the drums and synth are ran through the dBlue, that and the added reverb to the synth to give it a more full sound (may have over done it even). I had to save and make separate audio files of the synth parts, because as the site says, it seems to love raping the CPU.

I guess I’ll talk a bit about music then… since there is a daily limit.

I only just found out about the Cardiacs, like many bands I enjoy, I always feel bad for not having heard them sooner. Lyrics are nonsensical as fuck but I’m always been more interested in the music as a whole, rather than the meaning and words.

It’s a damn shame that Tim Smith suffered a heart attack and several strokes back in 08. Even if he never makes music ever again, I hope he at least lives long enough to see his music influence and change the lives of people around him.